Word Picture, or an image made with words

This project was inspired by a Facebook post I saw: a canvas of an image made with words. At too-much-than-I-want-to-pay for a custom canvas, it just takes a moment (or few) to create your own and print/display it however you desire.

I deduced how to potentially create my own artwork in this style; and, with some Google-fu and this video, it took barely 10 minutes for a novice Photoshop user (n.b. more time depending on text used and formatting needed). And it’s so much more rewarding to  enjoy your own creations.



  • Adobe Photoshop
  • High quality image at desired size (for printing purposes, at least 300dpi; but the higher resolution, the better).
    * Check image resolution in file explorer: right click, properties, details, resolution.
    * Get free high resolution photos under creative commons: unsplash.com, pexels.com, gratisography.com, pixabay.com
  • Chosen words – the more words, the less repetitive it is. Bunch words up: ignore paragraph rule and just let the text run on and on and on.


1. Open Photoshop, start a new project and fill in background in a chosen colour (such as black or white). This is your first layer.

2. Open image in Photoshop. If larger than project, move to position. If image is too small, can resize larger and then add to project, but may affect image quality. This is your second layer.


3. Create text box over the whole image. Paste/type in the text. Choose font (E.g.: Impact, Arial bold) and text size. This is your third layer.


4. Format text. All capitals and minimising space between lines creates a clearer image.


  • Change Auto to pt number that brings lines together without overlapping.
  • TT = All caps – so it looks more uniform in displaying the image.



  • Justified – to fill in the edges
  • Untick ‘Hyphenate’ – to not have an image full of hyphens.


5. Check image layer is at the top, above the text layer. (click and drag layers).


6. Right click on image layer and ‘create clipping mask’. Now is a good time to change background colour, re-size text and space between lines, or change font to perfect.


7. Print onto nice paper, frame it, laminate it, transfer it; or get printed onto a canvas, glass or aluminium. Depending on print layout, cropping of finished image may occur.


Another example:



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