Quick Origami Jewellery Tips

The art of folding paper. From Japanese おり ‘fold’ and がみ ‘paper’.

Make origami. Make it small. Make it wearable. Do it:

Cut straight and square when making smaller paper out of larger sheets. Smaller errors looks bigger in small origami.

Fold carefully and fold once, because trying to rearrange a tiny fold is just not fun.

Glue layers flat together to look neater. Use a paper glue that drys flexible and is acid-free (folding is still easier while it’s drying rather than waiting) . A tiny tip applicator, such as those used for quilling, makes it easy to get small amounts of glue into little areas.

Attach to findings with wire or thread or just glue. Use the design to incorporate the finding. Use strong glue to secure.

Coat to protect it from discolouration, liquid and to harden (depending on finish used, such as resin, spray, decoupage).


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