Fabric Stamped Earrings

This project is a great way to use small scraps of fabric – particularly the scraps that are too small or skinny for fabric button earrings!

Using fabric ink and fabric glue makes the ink and gluing permanent and washable. I.e. You can wear them and not worry about the weather! Let it rain fabric earrings!

Fabric stamped earring


  • Fabric (recycled cotton fabric)
  • Ink pad (fabric ink pad)
  • Stamp (parrot from Kaisercraft ‘Pina colada’)
  • Iron or heat gun
  • Scissors, such as fabric scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric stiffener (optional)
  • Earring findings (jump ring and earring)

Fabric stamped jewellery supplies


  1. Prepare fabric. (Iron fabric flat if it’s not!) I folded it over to make sure I could make it double thickness – and then unfolded so not accidentally stamp ink through to other side.
  2. Ink up the stamp. Using pigment ink pad, place down and lightly place stamp on the ink pad. Tap a few times. Don’t push down or they’ll be too much ink and it will blot a bit (see parrot’s tail).
    If you don’t have fabric ink pads, can use other ink pads and also heat set. May not be completely permanent but some still stamp and and survive washing/wear – perhaps test stamping first.
  3. Stamp image. Make sure to stamp down – straight down and up again – holding it firmly down for a second or two for ink to transfer.
  4. Ink is wet. Do not touch image!
  5. Either dry with a heat gun, try ironing with paper to protect iron (I haven’t tested this). I just left it to dry for a few hours and then got around to heat setting with a heat gun. Must heat to heat set – permanent!
  6. If doubling up fabric, glue together with fabric glue (I brushed on some ModPodge fabric glue). Fabric glue is washable and permanent! If you don’t have fabric glue, you could use super glue – but it won’t be washable and some glues get more brittle
    If don’t have a tiny hole puncher or want to set jump ring on, could try gluing it between the fabric.
  7. Once dry. Coat with fabric glue, or use fabric stiffener to minimise fraying and help keep it in shape. Let it dry again lying on baking paper on a flat surface.
  8. Cut out shape using sharp scissors. Smaller scissors will be easier to see and cut the small shapes. I used small fabric scissors.
  9. Attach earring finding. I used a metal hole punch to punch a 1.25mm hole to insert a jump ring and then the earring. Otherwise could sew on the jump ring.
  10. Wear! Give away! Make more!


Fabric: Natural fibres like cotton are best for clear stamped images and being permanent.

Fabric glue: ModPodge can be expensive (~$15-22) – you can get other brands, including Helmar or homebrand Lincraft that would still do the job of gluing fabric together.

Fabric ink pads: some pigment ink pads are made specifically to be permanent n fabric and other mediums once heat set. Some brands available in Australia: Colorbox Crafter’s or Memento Luxe through stores such as Craft Online, Spotlight and Wise Craft Creations, or search for more Australian stores.


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