Make your own simple stud earrings

Need new studs fast? This is a seriously quick project – and it’s another use for the hot glue gun!

Bonus: no need for E6000 glue that also takes longer to cure.


  • Cabochons
  • Stud post with pads
  • Post backing (e.g. butterfly clasp)
  • Hot glue gun & glue


1. Use a protective craft mat for hot temperatures. I used baking paper for hot glue globs.

2. Heat up gun. Let it completely heat up. You’ll know it’s ready when the glue wants to melt right out of it. (Don’t forget about the project and walk away!)

3. Practice holding the pieces and the actions to glue. This may reduce the chances of either getting hot glue on your fingers or dropping the small items in the rush.

4. Squeeze very little onto post pad, but enough to cover the whole pad, and press firmly onto cabochon. Work fast or glue will cool and not stick as strongly.

5. Once completely cool, it is nice and stuck. Just give it a few, and a few more minutes, to really cool all the way through before touching/wearing.

More accessorising: This can also work with sticking stuff onto headbands and hair clips. I decorated a hair clip with a wooden heart from a birthday card.

* Don’t leave finished items in the hot sun, such as in a car, as glue probably won’t like it.


Purchase the resources:

  • Hot glue gun: available from craft/hardware stores such as Riot, Lincraft, Spotlight, Jackobindi…
  • Cabochons: reuse found items or buy (pictured flower cabs bought from Jackobindi)
  • Posts with pads and butterfly backs: can get stainless steel from Jackobindi, Over the Rainbow
  • Sometimes I sell extra supplies I’m not using in my Etsy store.

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