Make your own Fabric Scrunchies

Hair accessories can be quick craft projects, and easy gifts. πŸ™‚ You just need about 10 minutes with the sewing machine set up and fabric already chosen to make a scrunchie.

This project is a good way to use fabric samples that are otherwise too small or annoyingly slippery. But good old cotton and other random fabric offcuts are great too πŸ™‚

Scrunchies are cool, yeah?

Fabric scrunchie and supplies

Fabric scrunchie and supplies

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Quick & Easy Rectangle Shawl

If you can crochet at all, you can crochet this shawl!
Even better than its simplicity, is that this one shawl has two looks! You can wear it either way – with a round neck front or v-neck front with the straight end. I like the cape feeling of wearing it round neck style πŸ™‚

Finished rectangle shawl

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Sew a Beginner Skirt

This is an easy skirt that does not use as much fabric as some other designs: this good when using random fabric that’s been waiting years to be put to use! And you can make it with just a little sewing and maths calculations. I know this, because it is the first item of clothing I have ever sewn (that’s not a costume), and it is cute and awesome and I currently feel very accomplished!

(This skirt pattern is not a brand new idea; there are posts out there that describe the same kind of skirt. Some just make it sound more difficult than it needs to be. This really is an easy beginner skirt to get that confidence boost to do more sewing! )

*The hardest part for me: cutting fabric. Once it is cut it can never be whole again! :/

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