Chia Pudding with flavour variations

Sometimes you have to break from crafting  for sustenance 😉

I love homemade food; and I also like to have easy and quick choices for the lazy days (yep, most days).

Chia pudding hits the spot: requires little effort and no cooking! It’s also perfect for summer 🙂

This pudding takes just a couple of minutes to ‘make’, but needs a couple of hours sitting in the fridge to set.

Cinnamon chia pudding with fresh pear

Cinnamon chia pudding with fresh pear

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Kaninboller or Hot Cross Buns

I took a break from crafting to create these cute and delicious Easter bunnies that are free from egg, dairy, nuts and amines (dried fruit, chocolate). They’re cheap and easy to make: you just need some time.


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