Stamped Calico Bag

Sometimes I just want a cute little carry bag to carry a couple of things. This project makes a bag large enough for a couple of A4 notebooks, or a few novels. Stamped calico bag (2)

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Fabric Stamped Earrings

This project is a great way to use small scraps of fabric – particularly the scraps that are too small or skinny for fabric button earrings!

Using fabric ink and fabric glue makes the ink and gluing permanent and washable. I.e. You can wear them and not worry about the weather! Let it rain fabric earrings!

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Fabric Origami

Sometimes there’s scrap fabric lying around just asking to be treated with the same origami love that the paper is (i.e. make it small, cute and wearable). So here’s how I made a little fabric origami crane that’s currently being considered as a future brooch.

It’s simple and easy (hardest part is folding fabric when use to really thin paper). The only special material needed is fabric stiffener – available from Lincraft and Spotlight for less than $10.

Fabric origami crane

Fabric origami crane

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